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Blocked Drains

Signs of a blocked sewer service may be a slowly draining kitchen sink, shower, toilet and even bathtub. Slowly draining water is usually the first symptom of a sewer blockage forming. Other signs of a blockage include a bad smell, toilet water backing up, drains gurgling, pooled up water in your lawn, overflowing sewer from relief gulley outside, as well as thick floral growth near your sewer service.

With the use of the latest CCTV camera set up, we determine the cause of your sewer blockage and will provide you with different options available to combat the issue and a quote for remedial works.

Different options include:

  • use of our 90% sulfuric acid solution to clear hair and small tree root blockages indoors in sewer fixture traps.
  • use of manual plunger or our new AirSnake pneumatic plunger to clear blocked sewer stacks upstairs, and blocked traps on sewer fixtures inside the house
  • use of our high-pressure water jet machine to clear your sewer line by cutting out tree roots, clearing and cleaning out debris and other miscellaneous items blocking your sewer pipe.
  • excavate your sewer line and cut out defective section or expose whole line from house to Sydney water main junction and replace with new PVC pipe, installing inspection openings for future servicing.

We recommend customers use strainers at the sink, don’t put food scraps down the drain but in the bin instead, as well as avoiding pouring oil down the sink drain as it should be bottled and disposed of correctly. These measures will assist in preventing fat blockages in your sewer service.
Keep an eye out on children an ensure they are not putting rocks, small toys or other items down the sewer gulley outside or other open sewer points around the house to prevent an unnecessary sewer blockage.
We recommend customers don’t make use of the toilet bowl soap cages as they are susceptible to falling into the toilet water and being flushed through and blocking either the toilet trap or the whole sewer line. Also, reduce the amount of toilet paper being flushed into your toilet at one time to further prevent unnecessary sewer blockages.

Should you be experiencing any issues with your sewer drainage as discussed above the team over here at Rhino Plumbers are also able and willing to attend your property to inspect, discuss and provide the best long term and most affordable solution.


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